Recording and Producing (Cubase)

Backing tracks (aka jam tracks and play-alongs) are a good tool to practice scales, arpeggios and improvisational concepts.

To enhance your practice experience, I am happy to record customized backing tracks with you.

Recording of guitars, vocals and many more instruments.

  • Which mic to pick?
  • Mic positioning
  • Gain staging
  • Recording techniques
  • Editing and processing in your DAW
  • Everything concerning sounds and production:

  • Synthesizer
  • Overdubs
  • Doubling of audio tracks
  • Usage of effects (e.g. reverb and compressor)
  • Mixing techniques
  • other production techniques
  • Recording and Sounds

    In many cases it is possible to improve guitar sounds and music productions by simple means. I will gladly try to help you realize your visions and sound concepts.